Skype Sessions with Taiwan, Connecticut, and Oak Park
Skype Sessions #1 and #2 with Haidong Elementary School (Tainan, Taiwan)

Skype Session #1: IB School (East Hartford, Connecticut) and Lincoln Elementary (Oak Park, Illinois)

Skype Session #1: Haidong Elementary School (Tainan, Taiwan) and Lincoln Elementary School (Oak Park, Illinois)

Skype Movie created by Lincoln Kids

Letters to our NEW Friends

I hope you had fun on skype! I know you probably didn’t like 1 D. I liked learning all your names. What did you like? It was a little blurry, but we could still see you. Also, thank you for staying late at school. We just came to school. Do you remember when Miles walked up and said something funny? Could you translate what he said into English please? I have another question for you now. Were we blurry, too? Also, what kinds of technology (like computers or i- pods) do you have at your school? We have smart boards, i- pods, i-pads, and laptops. When you (or if you) write back, you are welcome to ask me any questions you have.Your friend from America,

To our dear friends in Taiwan,
It was really fun to Skype with you! We had a great time and we hope you did too. It was really fun listening to One Direction. It was really nice meeting all of you. We look forward to working with you for the GVC website. Thank you for staying up so late to talk to us! From your friends at Lincoln School, remember, One Direction Rocks!!!

Dear Friends,
I really liked talking to you guys!!! It was fun. Did you like listening to One Direction? You are sooooooo lucky it’s hot out there. Would you like it to snow? You people are very nice. I wish we could have talked more. I talked to the people on htps03 and htps04. All of you are very nice. My name is Sarah I think you might remember me!  You are awesome for liking One Direction!!!!!!! I hope you all had a good time. It was fun! Google One Direction.
From Your Friend,

Dear Katrina and the rest of the htps01gvc group,
 We really enjoyed talking to you, so thank you for coming to your school and staying really late for it.  We have some questions for you to answer in a reply:  How many kids do you have in your school?  What kind of technology do you have, we have IPods, computers, IPads, and SmartBoards?  What grade are you in?  How many classes per grade, and how many grade? I hope you are not overwhelmed by the questions and you don’t have to answer all of them.
Stella and Magnolia

Dear friends,
I had a great time talking with you. It was very interesting to talk to someone around the world. I wish we could do it more often and longer. When we first started Skyping, it was about 8:15 A.M. By you, it was about 10:40 P.M. Wow! Big time difference!!!
        Here are some questions for you:

  1. How many students are in your school?
  2. What is “hello” in Taiwanese?
  3. Does it ever snow by you?
I hope you enjoyed doing this as much as I did.
Your friend,

Dear Taiwanese friends,
Thank you for talking with us on the computer. It was very late there and you must have been tired so thank you for staying up to talk to us. I was in group htps03gvc. Did you like one direction? Even though we had bad connection I had fun talking to you. What type of things do you learn at school? Art is my favorite subject at school. Do you have art at your school? What is your favorite subject? I hope we can talk to you again soon!!!!!!!!!

Your friend,


Dear htps02gvc,
        I enjoyed talking with you with you. I hope you learned as much from me as I learned from you. Thank you for staying up late to talk with us. I think it is good to talk to people you do not know yet, so you can make new friends. I learned many things from you, such as how to say “How are you doing in” Taiwanese.

Dear Taiwan Friends,
Thank you for staying up late to talk to us. I really liked talking to you. I learned some Taiwanese words like lihobo. My favorite sports are basketball, futbal. Didyou really like the 1 Direction band?

Dear Taiwanese Friends,
Thank you for talking with us at 10:30 pm. I know you liked One Direction, group htps 03 GVC. What kind of stuff do you like to do? I know we had difficulty with bad connection I had fun talking to you. What kind of music do you like to listen to? What subjects do in school? I hope we can video chat for real this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your new friend,


Dear Taiwanese friends (htps02gvc),
Thank you for staying up late to talk to us.  I learned how to write backwards and I even learned a word in Thai, lihobo. I t was fun talking to you. What are your favorite sports, my favorite sports are baseball and futbol. Do you like video games, if you do, tell me which one is you favorite. Mine is Call of Duty Black Ops II. How big is your school.

you GVC friends


Hello htps02GVC / our friends,
Thank you for talking to us so late. It was extreamly fun talking  to you, even if the connection was bad. I would like to do this agen. Would you? The next time I’ll stay up late. Do you like GVC? How does your normal day go? I like school! do you?

Dear htps02gvc,
That was fun talking to you! Thank you for staying up so late to talk to us. I have a few questions. Is your school fun? What do you guys like to do? What do you guys do in GVC? Please write back.
                                                                Armando a.k.a. the guy with the glasses

Dear friends from Taiwan,
I greatly enjoyed doing Skype with you and I hope we can do it again. Your school seems very interesting. Also, I must thank you for staying till 10:00 just to Skype with us. That was very generous and I wish to return the favor.
Some questions: What are your favorite subjects in school? Mine are art, math, reading, and, (of course) recess.


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